Equine Nutrition

The Purina brand stands out in the horse industry. With over 100 years of specializing in equine nutrition, we are proud to offer you a wide variety of feeds and services. Whether your horse is a competitor or a companion, you can be confident that you are feeding only the best!

Nutrition comes first

We offer cost efficient programs that give you results in the vital areas of equine nutrition including:

• Custom ration balancing

• Forage testing

• Body score conditioning

The safety of your equine partner is our priority. Our horse feeds are manufactured in Strathroy, Ontario in a drug free manufacturing facility.

These are all things that will be discussed when our sales rep visits your farm, in order to evaluate what is required to keep your horse healthy.

Equine Extras

Equine extras

Our delivery service is free. We carry extra elements that you need for your equine companions including:

• Wormers

• Fly sprays and masks

• Grooming supplies

• Shavings

• Treats

• Misc feeds such as beet pulp, flax, oats, etc. are also available.

See www.equipurina.ca for our full line of feeds and supplements! Click on the logo below


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