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Parion Milk Replacer 

Mapleview Agri - Parion Milk Replacer MR 26/19+ Deccox

A highly digestible skim milk-based milk replacer, formulated using the most recent scientific information and designed for excellent growth of young dairy calves. It is formulated using a blend of ingredients, for quick dispersion, resulting in a milk replacer with a highly desirable texture and aroma to stimulate the young calf’s appetite. Ideal for computerized feeding or hand-mixing system.

Quick & easy to prepare


We are now carrying a new line of Hoof Care products from Diamond Hoof Care & Animal Health. Hoof trimming plays a large role in the prevention of lameness.


IntraRepiderma - Created to maintain, support, and promote healthy hooves and dermis. Using IntraRepiderma helps DECREASE antimicrobial use. It comes in an aerosol spray and fits in your pocket.  Each bottle contains 80-100 applications - In 3 SECONDS you spray 950 million micronized powdered organic minerals.


Intra Hoof-Fit Gel -The ONLY non-antibiotic topical medication for digital dermatitis.

Effective and proven digital dermatitis treatment, now in a handy “Squeez” bottle

No milk nor milk withdrawal times

Strong adhesion to the hoof for the best coverage

This product is safe for both the user and the environment

Comes with application brushes


Intra Hoof-Sol Bath - Intra Hoof-Sol Bath is an approved Veterinary Health Product for foot baths used to maintain, support, and promote healthy hooves and dermis.


Hoof-Sol Spray – The ready-to-spray solution to maintain, support, and promote healthy hooves and dermis – no mixing required!

Adheres well and has a long contact time to the skin and hoof, even when wet 

Free of formalin, antibiotics, or acids

Compatible with all spraying systems

Early lameness detection

100% clean solution for every hoof

Environmentally friendly & is safe to use

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Sel-Vit is a safe and effective way to orally supplement Selenium and Vitamin E to newborn dairy calves, and adult cows.



• Safer alternative to synthetic injectables

• Provides 100% Organic Selenium compared to

synthetic sodium selenite used in injectables

• Provides 2500 IU of Vitamin E compared to 136 IU in most injectables

• Welfare conscious route of administration

• Water soluble

• No withdrawal period - most injectables have a 21 to 35-day meat withdrawal as a result of the preservatives used in the formulation

• Easy to administer using convenient 10g dose scoop

• Lower risk of Anaphylactic reaction compared to injecting sodium selenite


Sel-Vit should be used once in the first week of life when calves are deficient in selenium and to increase Vitamin E levels after birth to boost immune function. This product is not meant to be fed daily and should not be used twice within a 7-day period unless advised by a veterinarian.

When compared to injectables, Sel-Vit is safer and has shown equivalent absorption, and provides significantly more Vitamin E. Research has shown that calves that are deficient in Selenium and Vitamin E are at greater risk for disease.




Research shows cows fed Cel-Max produced more milk per day than those who didn’t. It’s also so much more than Milk Yield and Productivity; see success in other areas, including feed efficiency, improved health and growth of calves & heifers.


Cel-Max reduces time identifying, treating and managing sick animals plus saves on treatment costs. It also reduces the negative effects on performance caused by mycotoxins.


Feeding Rate: 8 grams / Head / Day

Add a jug of Cel-Max to your next delivery order! 

Contact Parion by phone at 519-462-2222

Or contact us through email at store@parion.ca


Truvitalyte is a scientifically formulated electrolyte powder with a validated blend of mixed buffers, amino acids, and energy sources, that effectively support sodium and water absorption in dehydrated calves.


Truvitalyte vs other electrolyte brands:

• Offers multiple blood buffers: Sodium Acetate, Sodium Citrate, Potassium Citrate, & Sodium Bicarbonate instead of a straight acetate electrolyte

• Adequate strong ion difference for proper rehydration

• Higher potassium to replace that which is excreted through feces 

• More stable than sodium acetate, less likely to go hard over time or when exposed to moisture

• Anecdotally, feedback on palatability has been better, it has a sweetener as well as a proprietary flavouring agent 

• More economical

• It has a little bit more energy than most regular electrolytes, but not like the High Energy product that oversupply’s dextrose and has an osmolarity much too high for proper abortion.  High Energy electrolytes can often do more harm than good on dehydrated calves.


Available in 3 Sizes:

Pouches - $5.49ea

5kg Pail - $89.99

10kg Pail - $169.99